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​Measures against new coronavirus


In order to use the bus with peace of mind, we are waiting for you with a thorough system with thorough virus countermeasures.


Ventilation inside the bus
​ (outside air introduction fixed operation)

The air conditioner is set to "external air introduction fixed operation", and it is set so that fresh air spreads to each seat in about 5 minutes.

at rest areas, etc.
​Thorough ventilation


We will thoroughly ventilate the company during the break time of each itinerary. We will ventilate the air in the office as frequently as possible even outside of breaks.


Disinfection of each part in the car
Hypochlorous acid water spray

​Before departure, each part of the company is sterilized with hypochlorous water spray. (Seat, backrest, headrest, armrest, curtain, etc.)


Driver's mask/gloves
Mandatory to wear

Mandatory wearing of masks/gloves for drivers. We will improve safety awareness in terms of hygiene and provide thorough guidance.

Mandatory temperature checks for drivers (physical condition management)


We will make temperature measurement obligatory before leaving the car at home and thoroughly manage the physical condition of the driver. If the user also has a temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher, we may refuse to board.

Always have a mask in the car


We ask users to wear a mask. If you don't have a mask, feel free to let the crew know.

to users
Alcohol disinfection when boarding


​We will sanitize each person with alcohol when boarding. Thank you for your cooperation.

​Photocatalyst construction for all vehicles


​The oxidizing power of the photocatalyst suppresses the activity of bacteria and viruses and keeps the car interior clean at all times.

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